Top Albums

Every Monday for the next ten weeks Whenever I get to it, Pet Bear Sounds will be writing about the top albums of each year of the decade. The albums discussed will be from my personal record collection. Also, I will attempt to only discuss records that I actually listened to that particular year. Therefore, there will be some shocking omissions (i.e. My Morning Jacket) but have faith in the fact that I've probably gotten around to listening to those records today.

No doubt I'll miss some great albums and I trust that loyal Pet Bear Sounds readers will let me know what I've missed, why I should listen to it and why I'm an idiot.

I will start with 2001 and count down (up?) with each year after that. I'll reveal my top albums of 2010 in the last week of the year sometime soon. And, yes, there are only ten weeks left in the year. I still haven't finished this project as of 20 February 2011. Time flies, huh?

What's the criteria? Well, it's purely based on my personal taste and how these records impacted my life. I realize that there are some records that have more "cultural" or "critical" impact but that isn't going to be a huge factor in my rankings.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope there will be lots of comments and discussion!

Rock 'n' Roll,
Pet Bear Sounds
24 October 2010 20 February 2011

Everyone loves lists. Enjoy! (And if you have Spotify, you can listen to some select tracks!)