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Pet Bear Sounds is a place where I can chew, digest and collect my thoughts on music, sports, politics, pop culture and whatever else. Enjoy.

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Q: Why Pet Bear Sounds?
A: I like pets, bears, sounds, pet bears, pet sounds, Pet Sounds, and pet bear sounds.

Q: You're weird.
A: Not a question, but if I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I'd have about $3.46

Q: Wait, $3.46?
A: Just go with it.

Q: Wait a sec, are you a fucking hipster?
A: No, these are fucking hipsters: http://www.latfh.com/

Q: Wait a sec, are you a pretentious sonofabitch?
A: Warmer.

Q: What kind of music are you going to write about?
A: I'll go from classic rock to new wave to new stuff to old stuff to electronica to folk and everything in between.

Q: You don't really write that much...
A: Well, I have a real job. And, generally, I like to be a bit more thoughtful about a post rather than just spit out content.

Q: Are you a bear?
A: No.

Q: Are these really frequently asked questions?
A: Yes, and there are more to come. Watch this space.

While you're here try to imagine the musical sounds that this bear cub makes: