11 June 2015

REBOOT: A New Direction For Pet Bear Sounds

2 May 2016 -- UPDATE: It has been nearly a year since this post and there are lots of reasons for that, none of which are that interesting. However, continuing and evolving Pet Bear Sounds has still been on my mind. I am still intending to comment more on subjects outside of music and include more thoughts on sports, politics, pop-culture, etc. My intent is to present my own unique commentary on any topic and hopefully reveal something different. Stay tuned.

Seems like we're rebooting everything these days especially in film and television so Pet Bear Sounds may as well follow suit! Haha.

Pet Bear Sounds originally started off as a blog centered around music and issues related to music but over the years it just seemed to make sense to expand the scope of the website beyond music and into the worlds of sports, movies, TV, politics, pop culture and whatever else.

This expansion is actually more of an evolution as the worlds of entertainment seem to connect and wrap around each other more tightly in recent years: Issues of domestic violence and performance-enhancing drug use by professional athletes have sparked social and political debate. President of the United States Barack Obama is a serious sports fanatic. Hillary Clinton has inadvertently stumbled into becoming a social media darling for some. The rapidly shifting nature of the way we consume music, film, TV has made a massive impact on business, politics, society, etc.

Not surprisingly, the World Wide Web has lived up to its name and created an inescapable web where everything is intertwined, mashed-up, shared, connected.

Many of my posts have already touched upon these sorts of issues in the context of music but now I think it's time to evolve.

Now, I understand that all of these thoughts and themes seem pretty heavy and, well, pretty goddamn boring. But you'll just have to trust me that I'll present my thoughts in an entertaining way.

Fair warning: Most of the posts -- as you've already seen before -- will be quite long in that sort of magazine or Grantland.com-y sort of way but I'd like to think it's worth a read if you're trapped in an airport or if you're trying to fall asleep.

And if reading isn't really your thing, well, you can just follow my Twitter or Instagram below. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

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