18 July 2014

DISCOVERY: Novos Baianos - "Acabou Chorare"

That's it. World Cup 2014 in Brazil is over. Done, dusted, finished. The End. Fin.

And as the smaller details of the tournament gradually fade away from our ADD-addled brains the larger picture that remains in focus is the magnificent backdrop of the World Cup: Who can forget the exotic Far East splendor of the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, the majestic Bavarian beauty of the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the sights and sounds of the vibrant vuvuzela in South Africa in 2010?

In the same way, it will be hard to forget the thin white beaches of Brazil outlining the coast, the cities carved into lush mountains, the bridge straddling the Rio Negro, and the perpetually sun-kissed colors of the country.

And, of course, you can't forget the music.

Pet Bear Sounds has long enjoyed the sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim, all the Gilbertos and the samba-influenced grooves of Basement Jaxx but while the love for Brazilian music runs deep, the knowledge is limited.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered "Brasil Pandeiro" by Novos Baianos off their album Acabou Chorare.

To many Brazilians and fans of the music Novos Baianos is no secret. The influential band from the 1970s combined the traditional sounds of Brazilian music with modern rock and jazz sounds that ultimately resulted in a trend known as música popular brasileira (MPB).

You can call it whatever you want; I'll call this record simply delightful.

Click play below to listen to the album on Spotify

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