04 April 2014

SONG #2: Joe - "High Upon A Hill" (original)

Back in February I introduced my 2014 Song-a-Month project and my song for March (yah, yah, I know it's April now) is an original composition called "High Upon A Hill."

I had the skeleton of "High Upon A Hill" figured out a while ago but I recently got around to adding some much-needed flesh to the song (drums, extra guitars, lead guitar parts, harmony parts, etc. etc.). I feel as if it's one of the purest, happy-love songs that I have ever written. And it's written, recorded and shared without any hint of irony, cynicism or sarcasm.

And all with that said, I dedicate this song to my friends Alex and Sabrina who recently got engaged in San Francisco. San Francisco has hills. This song is called "High Upon A Hill." It's about love. So that worked out really nicely for me.


Watch this space for my April song. It's another original one called "You Sold Your Soul (To The Rock 'n' Roll)." It's mostly about Coachella. See you there! Weekend 1!

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