01 November 2013

ROTKELFER: Reflecting on Reflektor by Arcade Fire

Is Arcade Fire the U2 of our generation?

That's a question that keeps popping into my head. It's a question that is a testament to U2's impact on music in spite of the fact that their act has grown tired in recent years and has threatened to tarnish their generally sterling reputation. It's a question that is also a testament to the growing impact of Arcade Fire.

The other question is how committed is Arcade Fire to the so-called concept of reflection in an album titled Reflektor? Especially with songs like "Supersymmetry," "Reflektor," and "Here Comes The Night Time" part I and II in a sprawling double album that is frustratingly asymmetrical for someone with a mild-to-moderate case of OCD: Disc 1 has seven tracks and disc 2 only has six tracks.