02 August 2013


Super excited about HARD Summer 2013! Enclosed in the red boxes above (thanks, MS Paint) are the acts that I definitely want to see.

My apologizes to Mr. 2 Chainz for going with SBTRKT's DJ set over yours. I've been wearing out the Disclosure album and I can't wait to see their set. Mix in a bit of Dog Blood and TNGHT before watching some Alex Metric. Then closing out Saturday night with Knife Party. My apologies to Oliver. Though, maybe I'll swing over there for a quick disco nap.

Sunday, I definitely want to make it to Crystal Castles and then onwards to Breakbot (apologies to Ms. Azealia Banks, though you were fantastic at Coachella). I've somehow missed Empire of the Sun at every other festival but I'm definitely making a point to see those wacky Australians. Definitely looking forward to Zedd who I think has really successfully blended a lot of that older trance style with modern vibes. And even though it's just a DJ set, I can't wait for Justice (I felt like I was cheated with their short set the last time they were at Coachella).

See you there!

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