11 April 2013

EXCITEMENT #2: Coachella 2013

There are the bands you know you have to see (Blur, Stone Roses, Local Natives, Johnny Marr, Postal Service, 2 Chainz, OMD, etc), then there are the conflicts (Phoenix (with Daft Punk!?) vs. Sigur Ros vs. New Order vs. Knife Party, etc.), then there are the too-close-to-calls and you ask yourself if you can really run from the Sahara tent (Wolfgang Gartner) and get to the Main stage in time (Blur) or maybe from Main stage (Blur) to Gobi (Foals) and then back (Stone Roses). But maybe you want to get a good spot at the Main stage.

These are the questions that weigh on the mind in anticipation of Coachella 2013. It's the sort of stress that someone of my personality (OCD) has to deal with but in the end it all sorts itself out doesn't it? Sometimes even best laid plans are cast aside as the desert breeze pushes you from one stage or another. Best not to fight it.

See you this weekend!




Haven't done your homework? Well, for Weekend 1 kids there's still time today and while you're on the drive out to the desert. Weekend 2 hipsters still have time to get pumped. Subscribe to my Coachella playlists on Spotify!

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02 April 2013

EXCITEMENT #1: Johnny Marr at Coachella 2013

The first in a series of posts about musical things that excite me.

Johnny Marr at Coachella. How freakin' exciting is that!?

Let's be honest here: Reuniting The Smiths for Coachella isn't going to happen. It just won't. So, the next closest thing is seeing Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr (who is quite possibly the Eric Clapton of our generation). Marr has defined a generation of guitar sound and style in the way Clapton did in his Hey. Marr briefly toured with The Pretenders, recorded and toured with The The, worked as a session musician for the Pet Shop Boys, Billy Bragg, Talking Heads, Beck, Oasis, Modest Mouse, The Cribs. Throw in a couple quality solo albums and there's some reason to be excited.

Marr's set at Coachella should be filled with some classic Smiths tunes (like I said, this is the closest you'll get to The Smiths so enjoy it) and real solid Smiths-y tracks like "New Town Velocity" below.

Boy, you can take the guy out of The Smiths...

Now, here's where it's time to get even more excited.

Johnny Marr worked closely with Bernard Sumner of New Order in a super-group sort of project called Electronic. Guess what? Marr is playing Coachella on Friday while New Order plays on Saturday. You can see where I'm going here. I'm really hoping that Sumner joins Marr on stage for some Electronic tunes like this one:

And let's not forget that Johnny Marr worked with Modest Mouse who are also playing on Friday.

Tons of reasons to get excited about guitar legend Johnny Marr at Coachella.

Be sure to check out my Coachella playlists on Spotify! They're split up by day and I have at least one song from every band on there and I'm adding more as we get closer to Weekend 1 of Coachella. It's a lot of hours and not for the faint of heart.

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