25 January 2013

COACHELLA 2013: Spotify Playlists

The Coachella lineup is finally here and the reaction seems to be more mixed than usual especially with some Coachella veterans. I'll have full thoughts some time next week or so but my initial reaction? Very solid. At first glance, it feels bit more Mary Jane rather than Molly. Just depends on what strikes your fancy.

Like last year, I've created some Spotify playlists for Coachella 2013. Click the links for each day to open up Spotify and listen to playlists for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Go ahead and subscribe to the playlist too as I will be updating as we get closer to Chellatimes.

Don't stress, don't sell your tickets, you'll have fun, I'm sure of it. See you Weekend 1!

(Feeling some Coachella 2012 nostalgia? Listen to my Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist here).

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