12 November 2012

TOP 5: Artists/Bands For The Next James Bond Title Theme

Last Thursday I revealed my Top 5 James Bond Title Themes and today - after watching Skyfall over the weekend (it was extremely entertaining and I'd put it just a couple ticks below the modern James Bond classic Casino Royale) - I'm thinking of my Top 5 artists or bands who should do the next James Bond title theme.

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "Hey, Pet Bear Sounds, the next one doesn't come out until late-2014. What's the rush??"

Truth! But ruminating on these sorts of things is, well, kinda my thing.

If you're playing at home, here's the loose criteria I have created in my head. The people involved have to be alive (sorry, Amy) and relatively active (sorry, Bowie). Repeats of previous James Bond title theme performers are allowed. Also, my Anglophilic bias also tells me that non-UK/Ireland acts are not acceptable for the Bond song (sorry, Black Keys).

So, away we go:

5. The XX

A sexy, slow burning song like "Basic Space" could be the template for a fantastic Bond song.

4. Radiohead

Perhaps one could easily dismiss Radiohead for a Bond song, claiming that Yorke wouldn't cave to the pressures of such a pro-Britain, overly-patriotic franchise. But Radiohead and their management have not been shy about their music in films (see: Clueless, Romeo+Juliet, Vanilla Sky, Twilight, etc.). So, why not a Bond song? Perhaps the only worry is that the James Bond producers won't be commercial/mainstream enough. But then again, isn't that what Capitol Records said about OK Computer?

3. Space

Space is one of the quirkiest English bands out there and this duet with Catatonia's Cerys Matthews is a prime example. While they haven't had much success following their debut in 1996, they are still somewhat active and I always hold out hope that they'd do a Bond song.

2. Muse

A bit of an obvious choice isn't it? Matt Bellamy and Muse are able to seamlessly blend genres together and I could see them doing a wonderful Bond title theme. There have been recent attempts to "toughen" up the Bond theme song (i.e. Chris Cornell, Jack White's duet with Alicia Keys) but Muse would certainly be up for the challenge to write a song fit for 007.

1. Noel Gallagher

The former Oasis leader is a master of melody and "Everybody's On The Run" off of his latest solo effort is an example of Noel at his best. At the very least, could Noel do any worse than Jack White's effort? Or Chris Cornell? Frankly, Noel Gallagher's B-side material would out-do those songs in a heartbeat.

There have been great songs for the James Bond films in recent memory but when was the last time a song was written that could stand alone as a non-Bond title them? A song that even the artist would be proud to play in concert? Garbage plays "The World Is Not Enough" on tour (as an encore too!). Otherwise, you'd probably have to go back to the 1970s for Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better" or Paul McCartney's "Live And Let Die."

Noel Gallagher could be more than capable of producing a Bond song worthy of inclusion on his setlist. Hell, if you think about it, with a few more 007 flourishes here and there Noel's "Everybody's On The Run" could almost be a Bond song.

My wish may come sooner than I think. Prior to the release of Quantum Of Solace back in 2008, Noel Gallagher - commenting on the Jack White/Alicia Keys duet - stated in NME: "It's a bit of a piss-take that the greatest British agent of all time has to be soundtracked by a bunch of fucking Americans. But yep, I've written a couple of Bond theme tunes."

Noel Gallagher was strongly linked to the Skyfall theme song as well with many rumors claiming he met with Bond producers and some rumors even going so far as to say that Gallagher recorded a demo for Skyfall.

So, Noel Gallagher is clearly on the minds of Bond producers. Now they just need to make it happen for Bond 24 in 2014.

But then again ... the FIFA World Cup is in 2014 and England may need a World Cup song so maybe Bond 25 in 2016. Not sure if I could wait that long, though.

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