08 September 2012

THE WEEK(s): David Gray Plans To Destroy Homes (in addition to ears), Albums That Make Us Feel Old, Lana Del Rey Naked, Socks.

Be Here Now is 15, Turn On The Bright Lights is 10 and we're old.

It has been a while since our last post about The Week but it's because Pet Bear Sounds has been all over the place.

But there has been a lot going on in past few weeks!
  • Pet Bear Sounds went to FYF. Are you following us on Instagram? (Handle: PetBearSounds).
  • Photographer Thom Moore re-imagines famous album covers with socks. SOCKS.
  • File this under "This Makes Me Feel Old" because the incredible Interpol album Turn On The Bright Lights turned 10.
  • The Russian police is on the hunt for more Pussy. Riot, that is. Pitchfork has all the latest.
  • David Gray (yah, remember him?) insists on destroying places that produce good music. Jealousy.
  • File this under "This Makes Me Feel Older" because that awesome Oasis album Be Here Now turned 15.
  • Stereogum sums up LA Weekly's "20 Worst Hipster Bands." File this one under "You might be a hipster if..."
  • Record store owner Manuel Vasquez is selling an album recorded by Charles Manson. And he's getting hate mail for it. Shocker.
  • Jack White tells the BBC that music festivals are a "necessary evil."
  • Do we need another Rolling Stones documentary? Apparently we do. Crossfire Hurricane is a career-spanning documentary for television to be released later this year. (Yah, we'll watch it).
  • And, finally, NME wonders if Lana Del Rey can pose naked on GQ and still be taken seriously as a musician.

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