17 September 2012


My Morning Jacket at the Wiltern.
My Morning Jacket at the Wiltern; 13 September 2012

Fiona Apple at the Greek.
Fiona Apple at the Greek; 14 September 2012

It's my birthday today!

As I've previously documented, I've had a pretty amazing run of Birthdaytimes Concerts and broke a lot of I-finally-saw-that-band Cherries along the way:

The seeds of Anglophilia were planted by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Zombies, Eric Clapton, (etc., etc.) and British literature and films. The mid-1990s Brit-Pop revolution (or re-evolution, perhaps?) took those seeds and nurtured them into trees that took root in my head and heart.

I can always credit Oasis for the reason why I finally decided to start writing songs and in 2005 I finally saw Oasis in concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Kasabian and Jet.

In the early-2000s I was enthralled with "If I Ever Feel Better" by Phoenix and spent almost a decade enjoying every album by Phoenix and patiently waiting for the chance to see them in concert.

I finally saw Phoenix (with Metric) at the Greek in September of 2009. For good measure, I saw Phoenix again almost exactly a year later at the Hollywood Bowl.

Bon Iver was my birthday concert last year and his performance at the Shrine Auditorium was a real treat. It was incredible to see the stark, simple songs of For Emma, Forever Ago translate into full, epic renditions in concert.

This year I have wrapped a couple fantastic concerts around my birthday. I saw My Morning Jacket at the Wiltern last Thursday and Fiona Apple at the Greek the following night.

After strong and stunning debut album, Apple's creative output has been inconsistent and sporadic. And in brand new world of social media, Fiona has been essentially absent. So, I wasn't sure what to expect from Fiona Apple. But her strong performance at the Greek was a very pleasant surprise.

Judging from the albums alone, I've considered My Morning Jacket one of the best pure rock 'n' roll bands touring today. I've heard the stories about their legendary live performances and when I finally saw MMJ in concert, I can now confidently say that they are the best rock 'n' roll band today. Enough said. (Well, until the inevitable OMG-MMJ-fanboy blog post...)

Fiona and MMJ are two more fantastic birthday concerts in the books. I'm already looking forward to the show(s) that I'll see for my birthday in 2013.

Finally, let's re-visit the worst birthday song on the planet. Ever.

Thanks, Stevie Wonder. I think.

And now get the sour taste of that birthday song out of your head with The Beatles and their superior birthday song "Birthday."

Thanks, Beatles. Thanks for reading everyone!

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