01 September 2012

FYF FEST 2012: See you there!

(click poster for set times)

FYF Fest over Labor Day weekend? It's a tradition now!

This year marks the expansion of the festival from one day to two and, sure, that also means an expansion in ticket prices (from 20-something dollars to 80-something) but take one look at the lineup and you can tell that this mini-Coachella is worth it. Add the backing of promoting powerhouse Goldenvoice and now you've got a more "professional" looking festival.
With the help of Goldenvoice, [Sean] Carlson said, “I was no longer dealing with the city, staging and lighting and the tents. I’m looped in, but I’m not sitting there going over budgets for hours and hours. Why do that when I can hire someone to do that?” [LA Times]
All the logistics are more professional and the lineup packs a punch as well. In keeping to its roots, local Los Angeles bands are still fixtures in the lineup but sprinkled in are more established, hey-I-know-them acts.

I'm really looking forward to seeing: AA Bondy, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Future Islands, Warpaint, Sleigh Bells, Purity Ring, Tycho, M83, Simian Mobile Disco, Givers, Against Me!, Paul Banks, Dinosaur Jr., Liars, Health, Yeasayer, Beirut, Twin Shadow, etc., etc., etc.

Also, I got on board the Instagram train so you can see me snap pictures of bands.

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See you there!
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