20 August 2012

LOUIS ARMSTRONG: What would this 'world be without 'good music?

This comes from one of my favorite blogs on the Internet: Letters of Note.
In 1967, jazz legend Louis Armstrong wrote this generous, heartfelt letter to a fan who, as a Marine stationed in Vietnam, had recently sent him some fan-mail ... Then there's Satchmo's idiosyncratic use of punctuation, which, if you've never seen it before, will probably charm and confuse you in equal measure.

34—56—107 St.
Corona New York'

Dear L/Cpl, Villec"

I'd like to 'step in here for a 'Minute or 'so' to ''tell you how much—I 'feel to know that 'you are a 'Jazz fan, and 'Dig' 'that 'Jive—the 'same as 'we 'do, "yeah." "Man—I carry an 'Album, 'loaded with 'Records—'Long playing 'that is. And when I am 'Shaving or 'Sitting on the 'Throne with 'Swiss Kriss' in me—That Music 'sure 'brings out those 'Riffs' 'Right Along with 'Swiss Kriss, which I 'take 'every night or when I go to bed. 'Yeah. I give myself a 'Concert with those 'records. 'Music is 'life it'self. What would this 'world be without 'good music? No matter 'what kind it is.

You can read the entire letter on Letters of Note. It truly is an endearing letter. Even though there are tons of ways for public figures to interact with their fans in this day and age, it's hard to imagine even a heartfelt email (let alone a letter in the mail) from a star.

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17 August 2012

THE WEEK: An Avalanche, Olympics 2012 - The Musical, MuseStep, Pussy Riot, and more!

Editor's Note: In an effort to keep up with more music news and all the other blogs I follow, I will collect some of my favorite bits of news of the week in this weekly post. Every Friday! What did you miss recently?
  • Pitchfork reporting that The Avalanches are making steady progress on their follow-up to Since I Left You (my No. 4 album of 2001).
  • Muse going dubstep? Consequence Of Sound confirms your fears. Their quip - "The 2nd Law will…drop…October 2nd." - is gold.
  • Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch prohibits his music for use in adverts reports Rolling Stone. We'll see how long that lasts.
  • Teenage Pet Bear Sounds was extremely tickled by the fact that members of the Spice Girls, Liam Gallagher of Oasis and the drummer for Muse were just having a laugh after the closing ceremony of the Olympics.
  • Speaking of the Olympics, American viewers were "treated" to NBC's Animal Practice instead of Muse and The Who.
  • Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood does another soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson's next picture The Master. Consequence Of Sound has the soundtrack details here.
  • Freedom of speech is alive and well in Russia as Russian punk band Pussy Riot have been found guilty of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred." Pitchfork have collected a lot of great links regarding the case. Pitchfork also had a fantastic interview with Kathleen Hanna of American riot grrrl band Bikini Kill.
That's that for The Week, have a musical weekend everyone!

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