03 May 2012

THE BEATLES: From "One After 909" To "One After 909"

The Beatles. We get it. They were great. Not just great, they were the best goddamn rock 'n' roll band in the world and every band should hope to achieve even a fraction of what The Beatles accomplished. Right?! They were creators, innovators, leaders, pretty, popular, religious, open, free, flawed, they were the fuckin' Beatles, man!

The plaudits are endless. The praise, impassioned. The criticism, begrudging.

We get it.

The Beatles story has been rehashed so many times. Stories ironed into legend, legends carefully crafted by the survivors into the perfect Beatles mythology.

We get it.

We dog-eared the favorite bits in our Beatles books, we bought the limited edition magazines, wore out the Anthology CDs, watched The Beatles Anthology a million times, bought the vinyl, the CDs, the remasters.

Seriously, we get it!

What more do we need to do?

We need to take a listen to "One After 909."

Sure, "One After 909" is a fun track but ultimately - especially compared to the rest of their catalog - a bit of a throwaway song on Let It Be. But in between the lines of "One After 909" is rush of emotion and history that brings a tear to my eyes. Hyperbole? Sure. But doesn't it always seem like that when you're talking about The Beatles?