18 April 2012

RECAP: Coachella 2012 - SUNDAY

| "Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber,
you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!" ~ Dumb & Dumber

TIME: 2:15p-3:00p
STAGE: Mojave
BAND: First Aid Kit
Just when I thought the weather couldn't possibly be any dumber, the weather came along and totally redeemed itself. Not only redeemed itself but was pretty much perfect: Bright sunshine, warm but not hot, crisp breeze. Sleep Agent, Lissie, Fanfarlo, and Housse de Racket were a little too early for me but I did catch some First Aid Kit. Very nice.

TIME: 3:25p-4:15p
BAND: Santigold
I had it in my head that Santigold would be pretty irritating at this time of day especially with the heat but Santigold delivered a cool, upbeat performance. She seemed to be genuinely happy to be on stage.

TIME: 4:10p-4:55p
BAND: Real Estate
"Pitchfork darlings" is what pops into my head when I think of Real Estate, so, being the sort of person (hipster?) that scoffs at Pitchfork I approached Real Estate with a lot of curiosity. Are they really that good? The answer is that, yah, they're pretty good. Especially if you like that sort of melodic, breezy jangly-guitar indie-pop music.

TIME: 4:45p-5:35p
BAND: Fitz and the Tantrums
My friend declares that the Motown-revival band Fitz and the Tanturms are the hardest working band in music and it shows.

TIME: 5:30p-6:15p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Wild Flag
In case you forgot, all-girl bands can still rock. Saw Wild Flag at the Troubadour here in Los Angeles and didn't stay for their entire set at Coachella but just from the few songs I saw it seems as if their live performance was even better than their show in LA back in November.

TIME: 6:05p-6:55p
BAND: The Hives
Went off to check out a bit of Dada Life at Sahara but ran into a wall of douchebags. It happens. Came back to the main stage to watch The Hives rocking out.

TIME: 6:55p-7:45p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: The Weeknd
There was a lot of hype surrounding The Weeknd, his critically acclaimed record and his US tour kicking off at Coachella along with a pretty nice time slot at the Outdoor stage. Admittedly The Weeknd are new to this live music game but the expectations were high and the set was a bit of a snore. Left early to prepare for Justice.

TIME: 7:45p-8:45p
DJ: Justice
Justice came on late, didn't play long enough, wish they did. I'm a sucker for French house. They have fantastic albums and an impressive catalog of remixes, a headling set at Coachella can't be too far away.

TIME: 8:25p-9:15p
STAGE: Outdoor
DJ: Girl Talk
Must. Pull myself. Away. From. Girl Talk. To. Go. See. Calvi-. Damn. Got stuck at the Girl Talk set. Yahyah, I know. I missed Rihanna and Katy Perry at the Calvin Harris set.

TIME: 9:45p-10:35p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Florence + the Machine
Words like "mesmerizing" and "magical" are words that are bandied about far too easily when describing a performance (especially at Coachella). But the Florence + the Machine set at Coachella was mesmerizing and magical. In spite of their set being stepped on by At The Drive-In, Florence Welch commanded and demanded the attention of anyone within earshot.

TIME: 10:35p
BAND: Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (and guests)
Pay attention festival headliners. This is how you close out a night. Dre and Snoop were backed by a live band and pulled out all the stops in the set. A Nate Dogg tribute with Kurupt and Warren G. Guest appearances by Eminem and 50 Cent. Oh and, of course, Zombie/Hologram 2Pac. A pretty amazing way to end Coachella.

Survived the Coachella weekend. Back to the real world and counting down the days until next year. See you there.

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