18 April 2012

RECAP: Coachella 2012 - SATURDAY

| Don't let this sunny picture fool you,
I almost got hypothermia and frostbite.

TIME: 2:50p-3:35p
BAND: Azealia Banks
Another late start resulted in missing out on We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Vaccines, We Are Augustines but got to Gobi just in time to see Azealia Banks. Next big thing in hip-hop? Perhaps!

TIME: 3:40p-4:25p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
One of the best sets of the weekend right here. Great song selection, oodles of energy and presence, all perfect for a late-afternoon set. Grace Potter is some sort hybrid of Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and just good ol' fashioned roadhouse rock 'n' roll.

TIME: 5:00p
DJ: Pumpkin
Only caught a small bit of Pumpkin's set but really looking forward to seeing more from him and his tasteful remixes of familiar songs.

TIME: 5:15p-6:05p
BAND: Buzzcocks
These old punk rockers still have it. Play that video for a second and close your eyes, it sounds exactly like they did back in the day.

TIME: 5:55p-6:45p
STAGE: Mojave
BAND: Manchester Orchestra
I really dig Manchester Orchestra but they seemed a bit off during this set. Left early.

TIME: 6:05p-6:55p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Andrew Bird
The early departure from Manchester Orchestra meant that I had time for one of my favorites: Andrew Bird. His mesmerizing loops and melodies was perfect for his sundown set.

TIME: 6:30p-7:20p
BAND: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Noel Gallagher's rendition of "Don't Look Back In Anger" proved to be one of the most magical moments of Coachella. The sun was just dipping below the mountains, the gray skies opened up to blue skies, thousands of people screaming back the words to Noel. Magic.

TIME: 7:45p-8:35p
BAND: St. Vincent
I really dig the latest record by St. Vincent but wasn't terribly impressed with her set at Coachella. I think expectations were high. Looking back I realized that I was expecting the energy, power and charisma of Florence Welch. But more on that in Sunday's recap.

TIME: 7:35p-8:45p
STAGE: Sahara
DJ: Sebastian Ingrosso
I left early from St. Vincent and popped over to the Sahara tent next door and saw some Sebastian Ingrosso (1/3 of Swedish House Mafia) and, well, aside from mainstream electronica being a little too "bro," it was goodtimes.

TIME: 8:35p-9:25p
STAGE: Mojave
BAND: Kasabian
Really solid set by Kasabian. I haven't really paid too much attention to them since their debut record but their Coachella performance was surprisingly good.

TIME: 9:30p-10:20p
BAND: Bon Iver
The fortune of seeing Bon Iver in the front row at a small venue coupled with the biting arctic winds that picked up at Coachella made the nu-soft-rock styles of Bon Iver a bit difficult to enjoy. But Bon Iver sounded great and the masses singing along with "Skinny Love" was a touching moment. It would've been perfect if the weather was just right.

TIME: 11:05p
BAND: Radiohead
The wind chill (seriously, it was that cold!) really made the eerily chilly music of Radiohead even colder. Superfans and fans of Radiohead's most recent work were not disappointed. But the casual fan? In that cold? It's a hard sell. Radiohead could have done more to craft more of "festival" sort of set list rather than a tour set list. But they're Radiohead. At this point in their career, I suppose they can do whatever the fuck they want.

What sticks out for me on Saturday? Well, it was cold. Damn cold. And it was hard to enjoy many of the acts later in the day. I suppose I should go to Weekend 2. Nah, who am I kidding? Sure it was cold. Sure I almost got hypothermia/frostbite/etc. But I had a blast.

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