18 April 2012

RECAP: Coachella 2012 - FRIDAY

| How can you feel unlucky on the first day of Coachella? You can't.
(Even if the weather conspires to freeze your face off).

TIME: 2:35p-3:20p
STAGE: Mojave
The idea was to get to the venue early and check out The Sheepdogs, Wolfgang and Honeyhoney but sometimes the best laid plans fall by the wayside. A late start (possibly too much partying the night before) and security lines (disorganized on the first day) killed any hopes of catching the earlier bands. GIVERS was fun and was a nice start to the day.

TIME: 3:15p-4:00p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Yuck
The trouble with shoegazey bands on an outdoor stage is that if they're not loud enough or mixed properly, their thick-lush-reverb sound ends up swirling around and dying in the wind. This is what happened to Yuck but they still put on a solid set. Really looking forward to see him in a small venue.

TIME: 3:50p-4:40p
BAND: James
Let's face it, all people really wanted to hear was "Laid" but if you watched the entire set you had a blast with the quirky lads from Manchester. And, of course, they played a wonderful rendition of "Laid" to close it out.

TIME: 4:25p-5:10p
STAGE: Outdoor
BAND: Neon Indian
Ran over to Neon Indian at the Outdoor Theatre once James wrapped up their set. Really dig their sound and the hook in "Polish Girl" is maddeningly unforgettable. Alas, I had to miss Gary Clark Jr for Neon Indian.

TIME: 5:05p-5:50p
STAGE: Mojave
BAND: Grouplove
Would I know this band if it wasn't for their ridiculously catchy song "Tongue Tied" and that iTunes commercial? No. Do I care? No. Really fun set. Oh, and P.S. This guy.

TIME: 6:30p-7:20p
BAND: Arctic Monkeys
I started listening to the Arctic Monkeys back when their first demos started ciruclating around the Interwebs and I felt like I've practically grown up with them as their sound and style matured.

TIME: 7:50p-8:50p
BAND: Pulp
I could devote an entire post to Pulp and how fantastic they are. But I won't. For now. Long story short, I'm a huge fan of Pulp and they mean a lot to me. So when they opened with "Do You Remember The First Time?" I was wiping a little dust out of my eyes.

TIME: 8:55p-9:45p
STAGE: Mojave
BAND: The Rapture
After Pulp I floated over to The Rapture, battled my way in (yes, I was That guy) to meet my friends and proceeded to dance my face off.

TIME: 10:15p-11:05p
STAGE: Mojave
Can I pull out my hipster badge (made of an antiqued, exotic wood) and say I was listening to M83 since their 2003 album Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts? It has been amazing to see how far M83 has come in the nine years I've known them, their recent success is well-deserved. "Midnight City" at Coachella? Chills.


TIME: 11:30p
DJ: Swedish House Mafia
Okay. So I didn't stay for the entire set (at this point I had battled gray skies, the cold, the rain and was ready for home) but I regret just letting loose with some fun mainstream electronica. Apparently I missed a pretty amazing fireworks display.

Friday in the books. A fantastic kick-off to Coachella weekend. Here's the Saturday recap and the Sunday recap.

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