18 April 2012

06 April 2012

Coachella 2012: Spotify Playlists!

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Update (6 April 2012):
Just think. In one short week you will be waking up, getting dressed, and wandering over to the Empire Polo Grounds for three non-stop days of music and whatever else strikes your fancy.

I have updated my Spotify playlists (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) after listening to tracks from each and every band on the lineup. I really narrowed it down to the bands that really caught my ears.

Some of the bands that I wasn't familiar with that caught my ears?

  • Yuck - A melodic, shoegazey, lo-fi band from the UK. Listen with your arms crossed to "Get Away."
  • Honeyhoney - Modern alt-country with a healthy twinge of Fleetwood Mac. Grab a glass of whiskey and listen to "Turn That Finger Around."
  • Wallpaper. - French-disco-funk-house-pop-music. Get up and dance to "I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted."
  • Destroyer - Dreamy'80s-Roxy-Music-Bowie. Get your 4am coked-out vibe with "Kaputt."
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - If Two Door Cinema Club were more post-punk. Do your Ian Curtis dance to "Quiet Little Voices."
  • Keep Shelly In Athens - Dreamy female vocals? Big late-'80s-New-Order (or current-Cut-Copy) sort of beats? Got it. Here's "Fairytale."
  • Real Estate - Pitchfork darlings. But take from that what you will, it's still good jangly-guitar-indie-pop. Keep your hair over your eyes for "It's Real."
  • Housse de Racket - This French band were former session musicians for Air and Phoenix. So, you get the idea. If you like your Phoenix with a bit of French-house jam to "Chateau."
  • Sleeper Agent - Energetic alt-rock band from Kentucky. A bit of Cage The Elephant with a bit of The Strokes. Get drunk on domestic and rock out to "Get Burned."
There's a total of six hours of music. Enjoy. Get pumped. See you there!

Originally posted on 11 January 2012:
Chances are if you love music, you love Spotify. If you've found this blog, you probably also love the bands that are playing at Coachella year in and year out. So, I created some Coachella playlists on Spotify!

Come visit my PetBearSounds profile on Spotify and check out my Coachella 2012 playlists for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

More songs will be added as I discover new bands!

See you at Coachella (Weekend 1).

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