23 December 2011

Lies, Truth, Redemption: A Christmas Story from Pet Bear Sounds

Lies, Truth, Redemption. Those are the themes of this Christmas story today:

1. Lies:
I'm pretty proud of these songs and it was nice hallmark of 2009 and I'm happy to say that I don't cringe when I listen to these songs in 2010. I'm especially pleased with the way that my original song turned out. Also, no cringing on subsequent listens.
{PetBearSounds.com - 25 December 2010}

2. Truth:

Okay, the truth is I was lying to myself. Lying to everyone. Those Christmas cover songs I released in 2009 weren't bad but they weren't good either. But there were certainly a lot of cringe-worthy moments on subsequent listens.

Chalk it up to inexperience, hubris, whatever. While I'm proud of the arrangements, the performances and the direction and vision of the tracks, there was a lot more to be desired.

3. Redemption:

Here comes the Great Redemption of 2011.

The songs were essentially remastered: All the tracks were balanced nicely, cleaned up, smoothed out, jazzed up. I'll leave out all the boring details. Basically, they sound a lot better and this time - no lies - far less cringe-worthy.

And as a part of the Great Redemption of 2011, I also recorded a new cover: "White Christmas." That song has to be one of my very favorite Christmas songs. Ever. (Or in the Kanye West voice "of ALL time!!").

Christmas EP (2011 Remaster) by petbearsounds
{Note: "December Song" is an original track by yours truly.}

So, there it is. The lies. The truth. And the redemption.

Hope you enjoyed the songs (feel free to download and share with family, friends, and wandering minstrels), Happy Holidays from Pet Bear Sounds and have a Merry New Year!

{ N.B. My Top Albums of 2011 list is coming next week! }

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