27 June 2011

21 June 2011

Do Your Ears A Favor: Bon Iver - "Towers"

In February of 2008 some guy named Justin Vernon retreated to a hunting cabin in Wisconsin to record some songs and released an album called For Emma, Forever Ago as Bon Iver (pronounced "bone E-vehr," it's French). By the end of 2008, For Emma was found regularly on "best of" lists and became indie-rock darlings. Through 2009 and 2010, the impact of the album on the hearts and minds of music-fans only grew.

The Blood Bank EP - released early in 2009 - barely whetted the appetites of Bon Iver fans.

Meanwhile, Vernon went on to record and write songs with Kanye West and worked with Gayngs in a fascinating retro-'80s-soft-rock project.

Three years later the long awaited self-titled LP, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, will finally be released today (though, I'm sure many of you have pulled the album out of the clouds). Honestly, I haven't felt this much anticipation for a record in a long time.

"Towers" (click the MP3 player above) stands out as one of my favorite tracks from the record (so far).

This Thursday Next week I'll make an attempt to discuss why Bon Iver is so g.d. good.

As for now, just enjoy "Towers," go to your local record store and buy the record and take some time to listen to the album as a whole.

{ Bon Iver is out today! Buy it now. }