08 March 2011

"All My Friends" Documentary

So, these kids want you to help fund the production costs involved in filming a documentary about going across the country (from Los Angeles) to see the last* LCD Soundsystem show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Full disclosure, I know these nouveau-hippies (I mean that in the best possible way)! These are my close friends who want your help! (FYI: I'm not directly involved in the project):

Brooklyn Vegan recently posted something about the documentary and the comments from cynical hipsters are pretty scathing.

But I see a lot of promise in this documentary.

It's a road trip documentary about friends heading across the country to see LCD Soundsystem and meet other LCD Soundsystem fans fanatics along the way and share their love for LCD Soundsystem and - more importantly, I think - document the unifying power of music.

Sure, there's a lot of '60s-era romanticism and idealism here but there's nothing wrong with that. And shouldn't there be a little more of that in this world?

I think so.

If you feel like helping (and every little bit helps!), visit their Kickstarter page to help out! There's less than two weeks left.

There are many ways you can follow their updates and their progress:

{ You should get this album. It's worth it. }

* I personally have my doubts on whether this will really be LCD Soundsystem's last show. Maybe their last tour. But not their last show. And I can certainly see another album as well.