08 December 2010

John Lennon

On 8 December 1980, John Lennon was murdered and the world lost a brilliant artist. I was born in September that year and I am happy to say that I shared a world with John for a brief amount of time.

05 December 2010

Top Albums: 2006

{ In March of 2006 a certain Captain James Blunt (seriously, Blunt was in the military. Can you believe that?) released a single called "You're Beautiful" and really set the tone for insufferable pop songs in 2006 and beyond. Kelly Clarkson won a Grammy (...), the one billionth song downloaded on iTunes was "Speed Of Sound" by Coldplay (ugh), Three Six Mafia won an Academy Award for Best Song (well-deserved), two members of Aerosmith require throat surgery (maybe I should stop smoking...), and Shakira releases "Hips Don't Lie" (delightful). }