20 November 2010

Weather Or Not #6 -- 61 degrees and rain

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Weather: 61 degrees, rain, wind from the SW at 13mph.
Song: Fyfe Dangerfield - "High On The Tide"

{ Fyfe Dangerfield - "High On The Tide" }

Rainy days are for hot coffee and cigarettes, thick scarves and cozy blankets, and English music.

As a self-proclaimed anglophile (though, unfortunately, one who has yet to step foot on British soil), I always re-imagine these rainy days in Southern California as a typical morning in the quiet, dreary suburbs of an English town, listening to records over and over again and daydreaming.

"High On The Tide" is a pleasant and wistful seaside tune. The lighthearted waltz of this song along with Fyfe Dangerfield's voice floating over the melodic bass line makes this a perfect song for these sort of days.

Now, I suppose some tea is a bit more appropriate rather than coffee.

Off to put the kettle on for a cuppa!

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