13 November 2010

Weather Or Not #5 -- 76 degrees and sunny

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Weather: 76 degrees, sunny, wind from the W at 9mph
Song: The Avalanches - "Since I Left You"

{ The Avalanches - "Since I Left You" }

The weather around these parts has been positively schizophrenic in last couple weeks. Temperatures reached 95 degrees a couple weeks ago, then within days we had some rain fall, then back to sunny temperatures but with powerful gusts of wind.

Today the mercurial mercury reached a lovely 75 degrees. The skies are sunny and cloudless with a light breeze. Taking into consideration that we're well into November, the weather is absolutely perfect.

The perfect soundtrack to this sort of weather is "Since I Left You" by The Avalanches. It's a sort of longing but uplifting tropical tune with a soulful voice crying out: Since I left you, I found the world so new.

There's a beautiful everything-will-be-alright sort of quality to the song that I adore. Only one other song can possibly give me this sort of feeling and that's "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys.

In cloudy times there's always pleasant coastal climes and beautiful music.

{ This album was in my Top 5 albums of 2001. }