21 November 2010

Music Memories #2 -- Rancid

{ Oh, the memories! }

In the next week or two, I'll be in beautiful San Diego, California. I really haven't spent too much time there since my college days in the early 2000s and that will certainly bring back some memories but I'll have Rancid memories for an entirely different set or reasons.

I'm going to be a so-called "hired gun" for my friend's band and I'll be in the studio doing some recording and playing some bass, maybe some guitar, and doing some background vocals for my dear friend Jeff P.

We've been pals since our junior high school days and over the years we have been in various bands together. Even though though the geographic distance keeps us apart these days, it's always the music that brings us back together.

While my tastes in music always leaned more towards the stuff coming out of the UK, Jeff's musical roots were firmly entrenched in the American punk scene. And growing up in the suburbs of Southern California in the mid-90s, it was the perfect time to be in that scene.

I dig Rancid but I'll forever associate Rancid with Jeff.

And as old friends and bandmates get back into the studio to record some songs, I'm reminded of some of my favorite Rancid songs.

{ Rancid - "Roots Radical" }

{ Rancid - "Time Bomb" }

{ Rancid - "Ruby Soho" }

{ FYI, all these songs were from ...And Out Come The Wolves. It's a brilliant punk rock record and has other classic songs like "Junkie Man" and "Listed M.I.A." It's pretty much a classic. }