17 November 2010

Meteor Shower Music

{ The Leonids are tonight! }

If you live in Los Angeles you're probably not going to see this meteor shower unless you drive, like, an hour away in some dark and desolate place with werewolves or something like that.

Also, you have to wake up at some ridiculous hour for optimal viewing.
The moon is always the enemy of meteor showers. The moon will set about 2:40 AM tomorrow morning and twilight will begin around 6. So the best time observe is between 2:40 AM and when the sun starts coming up at 6:00 AM.
[USA Today]
If you're lucky enough (i.e. you live in the desert) and crazy enough (i.e. you're going to wake up at some ungodly hour), this Explosions In The Sky song should be some pretty good meteor shower music.

Me? I'm just going to drink absinthe until I can see a meteor shower in my eyelids when I close my eyes.


{ Explosions In The Sky - "First Breath After Coma" }

{ Buy the MP3s, put it on your MP3 player, and enjoy the meteor shower! }