16 November 2010

Ho-hum: The Beatles are on iTunes

{ "This is gonna replace CD's soon; guess I'll have to buy the White Album again."
~ Men In Black }

{ The Beatles - "And I Love Her" (Allure remix) }

{ This very French, Daft-Punk-meets-Justice-style remix by French producer Allure is one of the best Beatles remixes I have ever heard. }

Well, the day has finally come. Apple has come to terms with Apple (well, technically the record label EMI) and The Beatles catalog is now on iTunes:
ITunes customers can now download all 13 of the Beatles remastered studio albums, and the "Red," "Blue" and two-volume "Past Masters" compilations albums. The albums cost either $12.99 or $19.99, and individual songs cost $1.29 each -- the highest end of Apple's per-song price range.

Fans can also download the entire Beatles Box Set for $149.99, which includes a film of the band's "Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964" concert. Apple and The Beatles are allowing iTunes users to watch that film of the band's first U.S. concert for free throughout the remainder of 2010.

This is sure to give The Beatles even more exposure (or at the very least easier access) to a younger generation who have already gotten a taste of The Beatles with Beatles Rock Band and the remastered albums and box sets (stereo and mono) that were released last year.

The release of The Beatles catalog on iTunes reminds me of the quote from the film Men In Black:
"This is gonna replace CD's soon; guess I'll have to buy the White Album again."
I'm glad that The Beatles catalog is finally on iTunes but I don't think a lot of audiophiles and Beatles fanatics are going to be buying these tracks. There's no need to "buy the White Album again" because most of us already have the vinyl, the 1987 CD release, and/or the 2009 remasters.

And chances are pretty high that we have already ripped the 2009 CD release in the highest MP3 quality possible and already have these digital tracks on our computers and our MP3 players.

Again, I really do like the easy access to Beatles songs on iTunes (although, I have may have only purchased a grand total of five tracks on through iTunes over the years) but after the clamor over the remastered albums, the box sets and Beatles Rock Band, the news of The Beatles on iTunes feels a little flat. It doesn't feel as special.

And for a band that is so special to me and so many others, I never want to have this feeling ever again.

But I think The Beatles are a little like Disney and their release of classic animated films. With their releases - music and film, respectively - both The Beatles and Disney do not seem like they're blatantly taking advantage of their passionate fan base. Not like, say, George-effin'-Lucas and his Star Wars franchise (but this is another rant for another time for another blog).

With the epic weight of the Beatles, their story, the quality of their music, and their rich catalog, they are a band that needs to be discovered and re-discovered. Crash courses in The Beatles are not allowed.

After all the buzz surrounding The Beatles and their latest release, I hope The Beatles and their label stand pat for a while and stay quiet and let people discover The Beatles on their own.

And surely there will be a whole new generation of kids scrolling through their mom or dad's dusty, old iPod and discovering The Beatles.

{ Listen, don't let your future children discover The Beatles on a fucking iPod. Buy the vinyl. Make those brats listen to that. }