09 November 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: Pulp - "Do You Remember The First Time?"

Oh, did you hear the good news?
The iconic Sheffield band's classic lineup-- Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, and Mark Webber-- are set to reunite for a string of shows next summer, starting with a headlining slot at Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival on May 27. The only other date announced thus far is at London's Wireless Fest on July 3, but more are to follow...
Along with bands like Oasis, Suede and Blur, Pulp practically defines mid-90s brit-pop but with that working-class sleaze that resonated more with me over the years than the Beatles-revival lad-rock of Oasis and the artsy-quality of Blur.

Songs like "Do You Remember The First Time?" (below) really defines that brit-pop sound: A bouncy, upbeat rhythm, big sing-along chorus, tightly compressed melodic guitar riffs, wistful lyrics. It's a sound that's reminiscent of a lot of melodic British pop music from the '60s and '70s but with influences from the punk scene from the '80s and a post-Thatcher-fuck-you edge.

I could wax poetic on the brit-pop scene for paragraphs and paragraphs but that's for another post. Simply put: I cannot contain my excitement about this reunion.

I sure hope they tour North America. It seems like they're starting off on the festival circuit, Coachella isn't a far off possibility...

{ Pulp - "Do You Remember The First Time?" }

{ "Do You Remember The First Time?" is actually on their album His 'n' Hers (a very stellar record) but their record Different Class just might be one of the defining moments in mid-90s brit-pop. }