10 November 2010

Beady Eye - "Bring The Light"

Not too long ago Oasis broke up. The Gallagher brothers couldn't play nice and Noel pretty much said, "Fuck it, I'm off."

So, the band is screwed, right?

Noel Gallagher was the heart and soul of the band. He was the primary songwriter and lyricist and the driving force behind the band.

When Noel left Oasis what was left was his brother and frontman Liam and the rest of the band. In the aftermath, Liam and the others formed a band called Beady Eye. But before you scoff at Oasis and the silly name of the new band, take a look at the pedigree of the band for a moment.

Liam Gallagher slowly emerged as a songwriter and crafted lovely tunes like "Songbird" that Chris Martin of Coldplay has covered and once declared that the song is so beautiful that it makes him cry.

Guitarist Gem Archer joined Oasis and provided much depth and talent to later Oasis records. Andy Bell also joined Oasis and added his immense talent and impressive resume to Oasis (and now Beady Eye). Bell was in the influential shoegaze band Ride and later led Hurricane #1 which yielded the amazing hit single, "Step Into My World."

Rounding out Oasis/Beady Eye is drummer Chris Sharrock who has been official members of famous British rock bands like The La's and The Lightning Seeds as well as being the drummer for Robbie Williams.

Needless to say, there's a lot of talent in Beady Eye. But will it yield successful songs?

Beady Eye released their new single, "Bring In The Light," this morning and, well, I was certainly surprised at how good the song sounds.

{ Beady Eye - "Bring The Light" }

Liam's obsession with John Lennon is pretty clear and the lyrics aren't mind blowing but there's power in the simplicity. That's what made Oasis so brilliant.

Ultimately, their debut single is impressive. A powerful Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis sort of piano drives the song, a gospel choir adds soul, and slick guitar licks are pretty hot. This isn't anything clever or fancy but it's simple, fun, good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll. All the things we've come to know and love from Oasis and apparently a sign of things to come for Beady Eye.

I'm really looking forward to their debut album. I have a hard time believing that the Beady Eye debut record can ever match the power and success of the first Oasis album, but if this single is any indication, we may have a really exciting rock 'n' roll record on our hands.

{ You like it? You can download it for free from www.BeadyEyeMusic.com! }