15 October 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change"

{ LCD Soundsystem at the Roskilde Festival 2010 }

{ LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change" }

Do your ears a favor and listen to the latest single by LCD Soundsystem.

This song is a delicious '80s-nostalgia sandwich, slathered with thick slices of analog synths and garnished with James Murphy's stark vocals and honest lyrics.

Press play and take a big bite.

Each subtle layer takes this song from a foot-tapper to an ass-shaker.

I am going to see LCD Soundsystem at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and the only way I'm not dancing my fucking face off is if I break both my legs.

... Even then, I can still swing my arms around.

And if I lose my arms?

I can still bob my head.

And if I lose my head, well, then I had a good time.

{ Do yrself a favor a buy this record and keep warm this fall. }