27 October 2010

Snapshots: Treasure Island Music Festival 2010

{ More like Pleasure Island! Hey-yo! }

{ Treasure Island Music Festival 2010 }

Did you miss the Treasure Island Music Festival this year? Well, while I was busy recovering from the LCD Soundsystem show in Los Angeles the night before, my friend from the North (San Francisco, that is) - Sara Wilson (@SoSaraWilson) - went to Treasure Island and took some lovely pictures to help me feel like I was there!

The lineup was fantastic too. The two day festival featured acts like LCD Soundsystem, Deadmau5, !!!, Phantogram, Belle & Sebastian, The National, Broken Social Scene, She & Him, Rogue Wave, Ra Ra Riot, and so much more.

Less is more, maybe?

Anyway, enjoy!

25 October 2010

Top Albums: 2001

{ Think back to the late-90s for a little bit and you'll remember some dark times in pop music. A lot boy bands and pop princesses. And, sure, it's hilarious to listen to a little Backstreet Boys (pictured above) and some *Nsync here and there. But thank god we had these records in the early 2000s to keep ourselves from blowing our brains out. }

24 October 2010

Top Albums Of The Year This Decade

Starting tomorrow and every Monday for ten weeks Pet Bear Sounds will be writing about the top albums of each year of the decade. The albums discussed will be from my personal record collection. Also, I will attempt to only discuss records that I actually listened to that particular year. Therefore, there will be some shocking omissions (i.e. My Morning Jacket) but have faith in the fact that I've probably gotten around to listening to those records today.

No doubt I'll miss some great albums and I trust that loyal Pet Bear Sounds readers will let me know what I've missed, why I should listen to it and why I'm an idiot.

Tomorrow I will start with 2001 and count down (up?) with each year after that. I'll reveal my top albums of 2010 in the last week of the year. And, yes, there are only ten weeks left in the year. Time flies, huh?

What's the criteria? Well, it's purely based on my personal taste and how these records impacted my life. I realize that there are some records that have more "cultural" or "critical" impact but that isn't going to be a huge factor in my rankings.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope there will be lots of comments and discussion!

Rock 'n' Roll,
Pet Bear Sounds

21 October 2010

Snapshot: Elliott Smith

{ Elliott Smith died seven years ago today. Depending on whose side you're on, he was either murdered or he committed suicide. Either way, the world of music lost a great talent. I suppose this was like the indie-singer-songwriter-rock version of Kurt Cobain.

I love that picture of Elliott Smith in Los Angeles in early 2003.

R.I.P. Elliott Smith (1969-2003) }

{ Elliott Smith - "Baby Britain" }

{ For some reason, I feel like it's weird to listen to Elliott Smith on MP3.
I feel like he should be listened to on vinyl. }

20 October 2010

Moving Pictures: U2 - Rattle and Hum

{ Remember when U2 wasn't a cliche? }

On 10 October 1988, U2 released a little film called Rattle and Hum and it still stands as one of the best music documentaries in rock 'n' roll.

Birthday / Snapshot / Live: Tom Petty

{ Tom Petty at The Hollywood Bowl }

{ A very happy birthday to Tom Petty! Is it just me or is Tom Petty underrated when there are discussions and lists made about the best American songwriters? Maybe it's just me. I always seem to forget. But I can't deny his influence on my musical progression (both listening and playing). }

Bottom photo by: Cheryl Ann of the adventures in dating blog Bar Spiel.

{ Have you been living in a cave for the majority of your life? If so, please reintroduce yourself to Western popular music with Tom Petty's greatest hits. Glad to have you back. }

15 October 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change"

{ LCD Soundsystem at the Roskilde Festival 2010 }

{ LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change" }

Do your ears a favor and listen to the latest single by LCD Soundsystem.

This song is a delicious '80s-nostalgia sandwich, slathered with thick slices of analog synths and garnished with James Murphy's stark vocals and honest lyrics.

Press play and take a big bite.

Each subtle layer takes this song from a foot-tapper to an ass-shaker.

I am going to see LCD Soundsystem at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and the only way I'm not dancing my fucking face off is if I break both my legs.

... Even then, I can still swing my arms around.

And if I lose my arms?

I can still bob my head.

And if I lose my head, well, then I had a good time.

{ Do yrself a favor a buy this record and keep warm this fall. }

09 October 2010

Birthday: John Lennon

{ Happy birthday to John Lennon! He would have been 70 years old today if it wasn't for that sonofabitch Mark David Chapman. }

{ John Lennon - "Imagine" }

08 October 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: Arcade Fire - "Modern Man"

{ Arcade Fire at Rock en Seine in France }

Do your ears a favor ... and listen to "Modern Man" from the new record by Arcade Fire.

{ Arcade Fire - "Modern Man" }

That's right.

This song is that good.

The album is that good.

Are Arcade Fire really that good?

I think so. Pet Bear Sounds will be exploring that subject very soon.

Until then, enjoy the song. Oh, and be jealous of the fact that I'm going to see Arcade Fire tonight. [/Winkface]

{ $5.00 for the MP3 of the entire record? It's worth it.
And, ahem, it's better than Neon Bible. A lot better. }

07 October 2010

Birthday: Thom Yorke

{ Happy birthday to Thom Yorke! The singer and songwriter for Radiohead may quite possibly be the best spokesperson of our generation. Happy birthday, sir. Can't wait for the next Radiohead record. }

{ Double rainbow!!!! Or just In Rainbows. }

04 October 2010

Snapshots: Outside Lands 2010

{ I wish I was there! }

{ Phoenix at Outside Lands 2010 }

Back in mid-August there was a little ol' festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco called Outside Lands.

I missed it. But I wish I hadn't.

Their lineup featured bands like The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, Tokyo Police Club, Kings Of Leon, Al Green, Empire Of the Sun, Chromeo, Janelle Monae, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and so much more.

Thankfully my friend Sara Wilson went and she took some lovely pictures to make me jealous.


And I'll see you there next year!

01 October 2010

Pick Me Up: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - "Don't Do Me Like That"

{ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - "Don't Do Me Like That" }

Guess who is going to see Tom Petty at the Hollywood Bowl tonight?


Well, not me.

But Cheryl Ann from Bar Spiel is going!

I'm sure she'll come back with some great stories that she'll post on her blog and some great pictures that I'll post here on Pet Bear Sounds.

I think I take Tom Petty for granted. He's always there with his awesome songs but when I'm talking about my favorite bands and artists and albums, Tom Petty always seems to be an afterthought.

It's the sort of afterthought where you clap your hands together or slap a palm on your forehead and think, "Shoot. Why didn't I think of Tom Petty??"

When I really think about it, Tom Petty has a lot more of an influence on me than I think. He seeps into your musical consciousness. Almost like the way he effortlessly weaves himself into the fabric of America.

I vow never to forget Tom Petty in such discussions ever again.

Seriously, sit around and listen to some Tom Petty and you'll realize just how good he really is. Really.

{ At the very least you should have his greatest hits record. }