09 September 2010

Live / Snapshots: FYF Fest @ Los Angeles State Historic Park

{ The Fuck Yeah Fest was half cluster-fuck, half pretty-fuckin'-good. I swear. }

{ Ariel Pink at sunset. }

Enjoy a quick overall review of FYF and then enjoy FYF in snapshots!

So, FYF Fest 2010 was half cluster-fuck and half pretty-fuckin'-good.

The good: The stages were placed really close to each other, so going from set to set was a breeze. And all the I saw bands were great. The highlight of the day had to be towards the end of the festival with !!! (Chk-Chk-Chk; any other monosyllabic grunt will do, such as, Ugh-Ugh-Ugh) and The Rapture. So much dancing. It was at the point where everyone is like, "Well, we're hot. We're all sweaty. What's a bit more sweat while we dance our faces off?"

I'm pretty sure I lost 10 lbs. in water weight (which I likely gained back in Gatorade).

All the stages had great sound too! You could pretty much stand anywhere in the general vicinity of the stage and the sound would be good. Well, except for Washed Out. There must have been some sound issues there. Or maybe I missed the joke. 'Cause, maybe, the sound was washed out. Nevermind.

Also - probably to the chagrin of the promoters because this means FYF may not have sold well - the festival never felt crowded when I was watching a set.

The bad: It was really hot during the day. And there was a lot of dust. The park could use a little more grass, thanks.

The ugly: In spite of declarations to the contrary by the folks over at FYF, the will-call line was atrocious. I should have printed out my tickets because I easily spent over an hour in the will-call line.

Also, the FYF Fest FAQ guaranteed the following:
We have tripled the amount of food vendors from last year, offering a variety of choices including many vegetarian and vegan options and over a dozen food trucks. There will be plenty of shaded area to relax and eat.
In reality, there were about five food vendors. If that's triple from last year, well, you do the math. A dozen food trucks? Try two. A measly two (unless they hid a bunch of food trucks in the "city upon a hill" known as the VIP area). This made eating and drinking at FYF a disaster.

Overall: Overall, it was a really fun time. Once you accepted resigned yourself to the fact that the services at FYF were pretty bad, you could move on with life and enjoy the performances.

Apparently, FYF experienced problems with the food/drink/will-call services in 2009 and there was a lot of hope that the problems would be fixed in 2010, but that wasn't the case. Hopefully things will improve in 2011, 'cause, y'know, depending on the lineup, I'd probably go again.

And the show was only $30.00 ($25.00, if you bought tickets earlier), so, I guess you get what you pay for.

{ Here are snapshots of FYF 2010! Wish you were here! }

{ Vetiver - "Down At El Rio" }
{ Vetiver put on a solid and chill set. Perfect for relaxing in the heat. And I'm a big Devendra Banhart fan and apparently Vetiver work closely with Banhart. Nice. The song is the one they wrote with Banhart. Dig it. }

{ Warpaint - "Stars" }
{ I was surprisingly enamored with Warpaint. Well, not so surprising since I dig chicks in rock 'n' roll bands. They have a lot of time changes that seemed a bit muddy or awkward at times, but the songs on their EP are really solid. }

{ "This is a slow jam," said Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. I chuckled because most of their songs are slow jams. They put on a great summer-y set. }

{ A.A. Bondy - "Killed Myself When I Was Young" }
{ Folk-Americana rocker A.A. Bondy was really damn good. I was worried that he would be some typical singer-songwriter, but Bondy and his Southern-style really put the rock in folk rock. }

{ I had to watch Soft Pack from the beer garden line because the beer garden line was so damn long. All this beer talk makes me want a beer. }

{ Local Natives - "World News" }
{ I really loved the Local Natives set and compared to the albums of the other bands I saw, I think I like their album - Gorilla Manor - the best. }

{ People watching at FYF 2010 was absolutely stellar. So many bad tattoos too. Bad hair. And a lot of fuckin' hipsters. The guy above wasn't a fuckin' hipster. He seemed pretty cool. The balloon hat is awesome. }

{ Ariel Pink at sunset. It was perfect for their psychedelic/new wave sound. Sorta gave me an Empire Of The Sun sort of vibe. }

{ In spite of all the problems at FYF, the location itself was great. Here's a snapshot of the lovely Los Angeles skyline. }

{ I don't know if I'd ever put on a Man Man record but, man, they played a super-energetic set that was awesome. It almost feel like a carnival or the circus. And I felt insane. Or maybe that was the heat stroke. }

{ !!! - "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass" }
{ !!! (or Chk-Chk-Chk) were absolutely amazing and I danced for their entire set until my face started melting off. }

{ The Rapture - "Pieces Of The People We Love" }
{ After I put my face back together, I danced it off again to The Rapture. I couldn't be bothered to move up towards the front and take a decent photo. I was really just too busy moving my feet and my arms in some ridiculous fashion. }

All photos by: Pet Bear Sounds

Please visit the Pet Bear Sounds "Snapshots" album on Picasa for all sorts of music-related photos! Enjoy!