30 September 2010

Pick Me Up: Lauryn Hill - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

Remember how Lauryn Hill was full of talent and promise and then went crazy?

I have a friend who is a fan of Lauryn Hill and she tells this amazing story about how she saw Hill in concert and she was possibly probably drunk and babbling incoherently and writhing around on the floor. Just your general run-of-the-mill Crazy.

I may have gotten some of the details wrong but trust me, it was crazy.

But we can all think back to the time when she released this absolutely beautiful cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

Chase the Thursday blues away with some Lauryn Hill!

{ One American dollar and twenty-nine American cents gets you a MP3 of this song.
That's not a bad deal at all. }

28 September 2010

Weather Or Not: Thievery Corporation - "Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes"

Location: West Hollywood, CA
Weather: 94 degrees, wind from the ESE at 6mph
Song: Thievery Corporation - "Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes"

{ Thievery Corporation - "Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes" }

After one of the coldest summers in recent memory, summer has come back with a vengeance!

This is the sort of weather that makes me want to listen to a lot of Thievery Corporation.

One of the best shows I've been to was The Flaming Lips and Thievery Corporation at the Hollywood Bowl. The weather was perfect. Hot. Humid. Everyone was sweating so it didn't matter one bit. And the music was perfect.

Listen to Thievery Corporation, pretend you're on a white sand beach in the Middle East with a cold, alcoholic beverage sweating in your hands.

{ If you don't own it, well, you should }

24 September 2010

Live: Interpol @ Berkeley Street Studio

{ Recapturing the magic? }

Who: Interpol
Where: Berkeley Street Studio, Santa Monica, CA
When: Monday, 6 September 2010

{ Interpol at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, MD }

23 September 2010

Birthday: Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, John Coltrane

{ What do The Boss, Ray Charles, and John Coltrane have in common?

It's their birthday today! Hey, Music Legends, happy birthday! }

{ Their birth is your gain. Buy some records. }

22 September 2010

Snapshot / Live: Phoenix @ The Hollywood Bowl

{ Making a place so big feel so small. }
Who: Phoenix
Where: The Hollywood Bowl
When: Saturday, 18 September 2010

{ Photo by Claudia @ http://leisurelady.tumblr.com/ }

17 September 2010

Happy Birthday!

Oh, it's my birthday!

And I share my birthday Cheryl Ann who runs the always-hilarious adventures-in-dating blog Bar Spiel. Go wish her a happy birthday!

{ The Beatles - "Birthday" (Re-mastered mono version) }

Now, while "Birthday" by The Beatles may be one of the best birthday songs ever. I'll have to provide you with one of the worst birthday songs. Ever. Listen, I think the intent behind the song is admirable, but this song by someone as brilliant as Stevie Wonder is just. So. Effing. Bad.

{ My apologies to your ears. }

16 September 2010

Quit Your Job, Start A Funk Band #2

Want to know the best way to turn around this dreadfully boring day and start your weekend?

That's right: Quit your job, start a funk band.

{ Earth, Wind & Fire - "Shining Star" }

{ "I am a star. I'm a star, I'm a star, I'm a star. I am a big, bright, shining star. That's right." }

15 September 2010

Snapshot / Live: Travis

{ Here are a couple snapshots of Travis at the Wiltern. Sometimes their records can be a little soft but they sound so good live. And you gotta love it when a lead singer - in this case, Fran Healy - wanders into the crowd. They do a great cover of "Back In Black" by AC/DC. You'd be surprised at how well Travis can rock. }

Photos by: Pet Bear Sounds

13 September 2010

Birthday: Fiona Apple

{ Happy Birthday to Fiona Apple! You're kinda crazy. But we like crazy 'cause it's kinda hot. }

{ $1.86 for Tidal? Why the hell not? }

12 September 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: Wilco - "Impossible Germany"

Do your ears a favor ... and rock out to "Impossible Germany" by Wilco.

Any lazy day under clouds or sunshine can be enhanced with this song. The first two-minutes and thirty-seconds of the song are great but not exceptional. But they lay down an absolutely wonderful foundation to one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.

The production in the song is so clean and crisp, mixed and balanced so perfectly, and the tone in the guitars are so beautiful. It's three minutes of guitar-solo-masturbation. And - I say this in the best possible way - it's the kind of solo that would fit perfectly in the mid-1970s, probably in an Eagles song.

It's just that good.

{ Wilco - "Impossible Germany" [MP3] }

{ What a wonderful Wilco album. }

10 September 2010

Quit Your Job, Start A Funk Band #1

I'd like to introduce a new series here at Pet Bear Sounds: Quit Your Job, Start A Funk Band.

As you can tell by this blog, I love a wide range of music but I always have a soft spot in my heart for good ol' fashioned funk. I'm talking about the good stuff.

The sort of funk that makes you want to get up and dance. The sort of funk that makes your uncle dance like someone who is mentally suspect. The sort of funk that your parents talk about with that wistful tone in their voice (a voice that longs for the old days before your ungrateful-ass was born). The sort of pure funk that hasn't been watered-down and bastardized by so-called modern production and producers.

The sort of funk that makes you want to get up from your tiny, manila-folder-filled cubicle, say "fuck you" to your incompetent boss, get some friends together, start a funk band and leave that tiny shit-hole that the Chamber of Commerce dares to call a "town."

That kind of funk.

So, follow this series at your own risk. Listen to some funk below at your own risk. And don't blame me if you quit your steady boring job to start a funk band.

In fact, give me a call. Thanks.

{ Parliament - "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" }

{ The best $0.99 you'll spend all day. }

09 September 2010

Live / Snapshots: FYF Fest @ Los Angeles State Historic Park

{ The Fuck Yeah Fest was half cluster-fuck, half pretty-fuckin'-good. I swear. }

{ Ariel Pink at sunset. }

Enjoy a quick overall review of FYF and then enjoy FYF in snapshots!

05 September 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: The Rapture - "The Devil"

Do your ears a favor ... and listen to "The Devil" by The Rapture.

For you Americans out there, it's only Sunday of Labor Day. Which means it's pretty much like Saturday. So, listen to this tune. Get pumped up. Go out. Go nuts. And pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Their set at the FYF Festival was one of the best moments of the evening. I'm pretty sure I lost 10 lbs. of water weight and danced to nearly the point of collapse. Or rapture.

{ Do your ears a favor and just buy the entire record! }

02 September 2010

Do Your Ears A Favor: Best Coast - "Summer Mood"

Do your ears a favor ... and listen to "Summer Mood" by Best Coast.

With some exceptions here and there, I've always cringed at female singer-songwriters. A lot of 'em end up sounding the same and generally have the same-old, same-old themes in their writing. Boring.

But female vocalists in indie-rock and/or punk bands?

Bring 'em on. The more the merrier.

So, it's no surprise that I instantly fell in love with Best Coast.

Reverb-drenched vocals and guitars, the tight simplicity of a trio, gorgeous melodies, and lovely surf-rock-y harmonies. What's not to like?

Oh, and another bonus? They're a good ol' fashioned Los Angeles band. Further proof that the West Coast is the Best Coast. *coy wink-face*

I'm looking forward to their set at the FYF Festival on Saturday.

And hopefully the weather - which has been pretty chilly along the Santa Monica coast - will cooperate and put me in a summer mood.

{ You like it? You buy it! And, really, the West Coast is the best coast. }

Snapshot / Live: Cut Copy

{ Here's a snapshot of Cut Copy at The Henry Fonda Theater. This was a good show. Damn good. The fire marshal shut the show down early. There were no riots. Maybe there should have been. }

Photo by: Pet Bear Sounds