09 July 2010

Pick Me Up: Aretha Franklin - "What A Fool Believes"

If you spend enough time listening to music with me, you'll inevitably reach a point where you realize: Boy, this guy has a really unhealthy obsession with "What A Fool Believes" written by Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers) and Kenny Loggins (freakin' EVERYTHING).

The obsession gets really bad when you start seeking out covers of the song, live versions, bootlegs, empty the savings account on the original handwritten lyrics, insure it, frame it, love it.

Not quite there yet...

Anyway, here is this amazing gem by Aretha Franklin from 1980. It has that '70s-funk to it with a wonderfully '80s saxophone outro. And, of course, Aretha.

Here's your Friday afternoon "Pick Me Up." Enjoy!

If your head isn't bobbing back and forth by the end of this song, you have no soul.

{If you love it that much, you can buy it.}