08 June 2010

Just A Greatest Hits Band: Journey

Sometimes there are bands where you need to celebrate their entire catalog. And sometimes there are bands where just a greatest hits collection will suffice.

Journey are "Just A Greatest Hits Band."

Journey - "Any Way You Want It"

Okay, I really like "Any Way You Want It" and it's almost impossible to not sing-along with "Don't Stop Believin'" (I'm pretty convinced that 75% of people really only know the first line of the song: "Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world...").

Sometimes I'll get in a "Journey state of mind" and decide that I want to spend an hour listening to some awesome power ballads.

But most of the time, I really don't.

In fact, it's hard pressed to even call Journey "Just A Greatest Hits Band" because, frankly, I only like two songs.

Okay. Three. I also kinda like "The Wheel In The Sky."

And maybe I have a soft-spot for "Faithfully" (you'll know it if you hear it).

But that's it.

The rest of it is mostly basura. And I can probably just delete the other songs from my hard drive and just stick with those aforementioned songs.

Shake the cobwebs of nostalgia out of your mind and dust off your copy of Journey's greatest hits (or - god forbid - one of their actual albums; they sold 47 million records so I assume some of you out there have 'em) and go give it a listen.

Okay, back? See? Not that great, right?

Think about this, though: What if we grabbed the "best of" Journey's greatest hits and combined them with the best tracks from the Hall & Oates greatest hits collection?

Now we're talking.

Greatest Hits
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