18 May 2010

Weather Or Not: Zero 7 - "Red Dust"

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Weather: 60 degrees, light rain, calm wind
Song: Zero 7 - "Red Dust"

Zero 7 - "Red Dust"

Zero 7 can easily be passed off as just background music you play whilst making dinner or having sex. Of course, over time, Zero 7 has been relegated to the CD collections of smarmy men trying to get laid, Restoration Hardware stores, television adverts, and women who stopped listening to Guns 'n' Roses when they got older and started listening exclusively to downtempo.

Then there's the Zach Braff factor {insert my semi-rational jealousy hatred of Mr. Braff here}.

Here we have Zero 7 flying under the radar of the masses while music hipsters can wax poetic about this awesome new chillout band that's perfect for comedowns. Then Braff comes along, drops "In The Waiting Line" on the soundtrack of this little movie called Garden State and then next thing you know, Braff is a tastemaker, the ultimate mix CD creator, blah, blah, blah.

"Oh, Zero 7? Sure, I know them. They had that song on Garden State."

Sure, Braff probably did more for The Shins than anybody else on that soundtrack but Zero 7 has lost its "Oh, that's a cool track. Who is it?" factor on mix CDs. Much to the chagrin of hipster mix CD makers everywhere who were looking for a more accessible alternative to Massive Attack.

So, thanks a lot, Zach effin' Braff.

But let's take a step back for a moment here.

Simple Things was released back in 2001 and it still stands the test of time as a really solid chill-out album.

One of my favorite tracks is "Red Dust" and it's perfect for mornings that are a little gray and a little rainy. Add a hot mug of tea, upturned collars on your coat, a scarf wrapped around the neck, and - if one is so inclined - a slow-burning Dunhill cigarette hanging at the corner of your mouth with this track playing in the background, and you'll have yourself a great, relaxing soundtrack for the beginning of your day.

All Braff aside, kick back and enjoy this track.

Simple Things

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