31 May 2010

Weather Or Not: Metro Area - "Soft Hoop"

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Weather: 67 degrees, sunny, light breeze
Song: Metro Area - "Soft Hoop"

Metro Area - "Soft Hoop"

Memorial Day weekend is the time to remember and honor those who fought and died for our freedom.

Because of these soldiers, we have the freedom to buy a 30-pack of domestic beer, grill meats with your friends, start working on that tan near the pool or on the beach. And as you settle into the late-afternoon in a haze daze because of the booze and the food coma, you throw on chill fucking tunes by Metro Area, especially their delicious retro-electro song "Soft Hoop."

Take this and mix it around with a little "Something About Us" and "Voyager" by Daft Punk and you've got yourself a little party.

You can thank me later!

Metro Area
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Long weekends rule.