21 May 2010

Pick Me Up: Michael Gray - "The Weekend"

Mid-Friday afternoons can be a complete drag. And since we're not in Mad Men, most of us can't reach for the bottle of whiskey to take the edge off the day.

So what can chase the Mid-Friday blues away and get you pumped for the weekend?

Well, "The Weekend" by Michael Gray, of course!

So, there's your Pick Me Up for the day!

Hopefully this didn't end up being a Drag Me Down because you realized:
  • This never happens in the copy room of my office.
  • This never could happen in my office.
  • I would never want this to happen in my office.
  • They never play this sort of music in my office.

And for those of you boys who recognize "The Weekend" from Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony, fear not, your sexuality is still intact: Just watch that video again.