19 May 2010

Just A Greatest Hits Band: The Police

Sometimes there are bands where you need to celebrate their entire catalog. And sometimes there are bands where just a greatest hits collection will suffice.

The Police are "Just A Greatest Hits Band."

The Police - "Roxanne"

There's absolutely nothing wrong with The Police. It will be hard to find a group of musicians who are as technically proficient as Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Their songwriting is stellar. Their hit songs are infectious.

I dare you to find a karaoke night where someone doesn't try to sing butcher "Every Breath You Take." Find me a dive bar where some dude doesn't put on "Message In A Bottle" (FIVE TIMES IN A ROW! I think the machine was busted).

Just take a listen to "Roxanne" and try - I dare you - try not to sing along with Sting's pained cries for Roxanne.


And while we're talking about hookers, why wasn't "Roxanne" on the soundtrack for Pretty Woman? I think that was a serious oversight there.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand (3-points if you know the next line), as great as those hit songs are, I never had any desire to dive deeper into The Police catalog.

Honestly, there's really only so much rock-reggae-new-wave that I can take.

Greatest Hits

And, no, I don't need any "recommendations" on tracks I should listen to. Thanks but no thanks.