31 May 2010

Weather Or Not: Metro Area - "Soft Hoop"

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Weather: 67 degrees, sunny, light breeze
Song: Metro Area - "Soft Hoop"

28 May 2010

Pick Me Up: Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

There are few things worse than being at work on a slow moving Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend. There are few things better than a dip into the bag of old-skool hits!

24 May 2010

Music Memories #1 -- Dr. Dre - The Chronic

"What you know about the chronic?"

Is there anything more Southern Californian than gangster rap?

Maybe surfing. Perpetually good weather, I guess.

But really, in recent memory, what kind of mark has Southern California/Los Angeles made on the music scene since giving birth to gangsta rap in the early-90s?

21 May 2010

Pick Me Up: Michael Gray - "The Weekend"

Mid-Friday afternoons can be a complete drag. And since we're not in Mad Men, most of us can't reach for the bottle of whiskey to take the edge off the day.

So what can chase the Mid-Friday blues away and get you pumped for the weekend?

Well, "The Weekend" by Michael Gray, of course!

19 May 2010

Just A Greatest Hits Band: The Police

Sometimes there are bands where you need to celebrate their entire catalog. And sometimes there are bands where just a greatest hits collection will suffice.

The Police are "Just A Greatest Hits Band."

18 May 2010

Weather Or Not: Zero 7 - "Red Dust"

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Weather: 60 degrees, light rain, calm wind
Song: Zero 7 - "Red Dust"